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Go Beyond the Basics


Canvas has so much more to offer than simply serving as a repository for your course materials. Here are some ideas about how to use Canvas to take your course beyond the baseline. To learn more, download this handy guide.


Win the Classroom Attention Battle

Instructors are constantly battling social media, texts, and funny cat videos on YouTube for students’ attention. Create a captive audience by integrating media and/or clickers in your class.

Move Canvas From Supporting Actor to Starring Role

Let Canvas drive learning both inside and outside the classroom. During the Canvas pilot, Professor Andrew Rivers taught his Highlights of Astronomy course directly out of Canvas, making Canvas an active part of both the in-class and out-of-class activities. Using Modules, you can create self-paced learning experiences and/or gamify your course.

Facilitate Learning On Demand

Did you know that Canvas has an app for students to take learning with them wherever they go? You can also use Big Blue Button (Conferences in Canvas) to help students learn without having to meet face to face.

Help Students Help Each Other

Peer learning can be a great way to increase student engagement and deepen learning. Canvas has a wide range of tools to help you integrate peer learning into your course.

Go Social

Connect with your students outside the classroom by registering social applications to your Canvas account. Create a class #hashtag and show the tweets on your course homepage.

Identify At-Risk Students

It can sometimes be a challenge to identify students who are falling behind or struggling. Using the Analytics tools in Canvas can help you identify these at-risk students earlier and more efficiently.

Personalize Your Message

Take advantage of the wide range of tools available in Canvas for you to customize and beautify your course.

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