A Great Tool for Creating Images

For the past few years I’ve been using a free editor called Pixlr for most of my image-creation needs. I like the web-based application because you can use it on any computer — you don’t even have to sign up for an account. Non-professional image editing is easy and fairly intuitive, although the interface will be familiar to people who have used Photoshop for editing.

This weekend I whipped up a quick label for all the pickles I was making with end-of-summer produce. I found clip art of an old-timey finger, resized it in Pixlr and added two types of text. It’s simple, and it lets everyone know my pickles pack a punch.


We recommend instructors create or find a banner for their course sites in Canvas — Pixlr would be a great way to modify an existing image or create an original banner. There are a lot of tutorials to learn how to use the product, but here’s a simple one that explains how the toolbar works. I think it’s a great product if you need to finish a project quickly and easily.

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