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Welcome to the LMS Review Blog

Greg Light

Greg Light

Welcome to the LMS Review Blog!

The intention of this site is to allow instructors to share their experiences – and their students’ – with Canvas, Desire2Learn, and the new Blackboard.

Writers for the blog will be informing the NU community about the positives and negatives of their experiences with alternate learning management systems.

If you are a faculty member experimenting with one of these systems, feel free to share your impressions here. Your colleagues will be able to respond to the blog posts and together, you will be letting other faculty know what the group is doing.

If you’d like to post to the blog, feel free to send Victoria Getis text to put up. If you’d prefer to post yourself, let Victoria know and she’ll set you up as an author in the blog.

Many thanks and Happy Blogging!


Greg Light

Chair, LMS Review Committee
Director of The Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching