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Upcoming LMS Review Events

Victoria Getis Next week, Les James and I will start training faculty on Canvas. Our audience will be volunteers who have decided to try Canvas for their Winter Quarter classes. We’ve come up with a format for the training sessions that includes training videos, question and answer periods, and hands-on sessions. Our hope is that when the instructors leave they’ll have a course organized and built — or nearly built — in Canvas. The feedback from the first group will help us tweak these sessions for the second group and we’ll be paying careful attention to the questions people ask.

Beyond the training for our pilot faculty, we’ve got a session on Dec. 10 on Turnitin and Canvas. Turnitin is a plagiarism detection program, much like SafeAssign, which is used with Blackboard. That session is at 11 AM in the Library Forum Room.

In January, we’ll do a second briefing, in which we’ll do a short review of each of the three systems under consideration, New Blackboard, Canvas, and Desire2Learn. If you would like to look at the three before January, request a sandbox and dive in!