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Suggest a feature for Canvas

Victoria GetisCanvas has an interesting feature: users can suggest features they’d like to see implemented in the learning management system. Only individuals who have a Canvas account can see the forum, so if you have a Canvas account, go to the Canvas Community to take a look.

One of our pilot faculty, Mitchell Petersen, has made two suggestions so far. One is in reference to the discussion board: he suggests that Canvas allow searching across the entire discussion board, rather than only within discussion threads. (See his post). In his second contribution, he suggests that Canvas provide a way to download lists of groups and their members (see this post ). This, he says, would allow him to identify group members in class and in offline grading.

done_plannedWhat happens to Petersen’s suggestions now? To some extent, it is up to other users. Instructure allows users to vote for ideas they find particularly appealing, just as viewers can vote for their favorite contestant on star search shows. Instructure also lists the status of the suggestions: they can be “planned” — the company is planning on implementing the idea; “blank” — the topic is still actively being discussed; and “not planned.” There is also a list of community-provided suggestions that have already been implemented.

What would you like to see Canvas be able to do?