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The only constant is change

You may have heard that Canvas has a three week production release cycle. This means Canvas is updated every three weeks with a set of new feature enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes. For anyone who has subscribed to the Canvas Product Release forum, you know that trying to keep up with it all can be a challenge. Central and local IT staff will continue to work together on ways to minimize the potential impact for faculty and students using Canvas. Fortunately, the vast majority of these changes integrate seamlessly with the current Canvas interface while providing new and much desired functionality. But it is also good to know that, even though the folks behind Canvas are always aspiring to be innovative, they still consider the teaching and learning experience to be their first priority:

Canvas Makes Teaching and Learning Easier

There’s a question we’re constantly asking ourselves. It’s the seed that brought Canvas to life in the first place. And it’s part of everything we do today. And that question is:

How do you make teaching and learning easier?  

Every feature, every innovation, every interface, every fixed bug funnels to and builds toward answering that one core question. It’s the common thread you’ll see woven throughout all we do.  Three tenets guide the innovation behind our goal to make teaching and learning easier.

1.  Adoptability: Canvas is the LMS that gets used
2.  Adaptability: Canvas is a platform that grows with you
3.  Reliability: Canvas is there when you need it

Read the full text on the Canvas Innovation page.