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Canvas: Lesser Known Tips & Tricks

This post authored by Michael Theodore and Jacqueline Wickham, from the School of Professional Studies.

Canvas: Lesser Known Tips & Tricks

In June, our distance learning team at the School of Professional Studies (nee Continuing Studies) had the great opportunity to attend InstructureCon — a week-long conference on all things Canvas set in beautiful Park City, Utah. At the end of the conference, our team left with a greater knowledge of this powerful learning management system and toolbox full of tips and tricks (and the reality of what snow in June looks like).

Listed below are a few of our team’s favorite tips and tricks that should make your transition and work in Canvas easier. For more information and to view the session that inspired this post, please visit:

Grading history allows one grade change per event

The Canvas gradebook allows one grade change per event. To see a detailed help page dedicated to reverting grades, please visit

Page history with date/time and user stamp

Teachers can view the page history of specific pages by selecting “View Page History” on each page. Canvas keeps a detailed log of who and what was changed. And users are able to revert to a previous version of the page.

Revision history of a page

Revision history of a page

Restore deleted items

By adding “/undelete” to the end of your course’s URL, you can view the last 25 deleted items from your course site. We’ve all had a moment or two, whether in an LMS or elsewhere, of accidentally deleting or losing work. But with this nifty trick you can see a log of deleted items, which might prove to be a course saver. One side note: Questions banks (at this time) are not able to be saved after deletion via this method.

Our team would love to hear your favorite tips and tricks for using Canvas effectively. Let us know at