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Needs Improvement: Course Events in the Syllabus

Today’s post is by Rick Salisbury, in Kellogg.

Canvas is very calendar-centric and that is usually a great thing.  Students have a clear view of upcoming assignments and can easily sync their courses with their online calendar of choice.

However, in one instance being so connected to the calendar has not been ideal.

In the Canvas Syllabus, course events and assignments are automatically placed in a table listed chronologically by due date. Clicking on an assignment will take you the assignment details page, but clicking on an event will take you the calendar.  In order to see the all details of the event (the preview window popup can be quite limiting), you are required click again on the title of the event.

A Course Event in Canvas

A Course Event in Canvas

This has caused our students to experience some minor frustrations.

First, it’s not clear that you need to click on the event title in the calendar to see all the details and once you are in the calendar it not always so simple to navigate back to the course site. Using the browser back button doesn’t work: you need to click on the Course Name in the event pop-up.

In my opinion, there is a more elegant approach.  Clicking on the event from the Syllabus page should take you directly to the event details.  This would mirror how Canvas handles Assignments from the Syllabus, which would add consistency and would require fewer clicks.

If you or your students are also frustrated by this functionality, I ask you vote up the feature request: