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TurnItIn: The new anti-plagiarism checker for Canvas

Canvas and Turnitin

Turnitin is the new anti-plagiarism checker we will be using inside of Canvas. To create a Turnitin assignment in Canas, please follow this step-by-step guide, or watch the video below.

How does the plagiarism “OriginalityCheck” score work?

Once you have created your Turnitin assignment inside of Canvas, you’ll be able to view a student’s OriginalityCheck score. The originality score shows the percentage of words in the paper that match the Turnitin database. To see how to evaluate a student’s originality score, please watch the short video below.

How is the Originality Report score calculated?

Image from Turnitin

According to Turnitin, the Originality Report compares a student’s submission against their database of “…45+ billion web pages, 377+ million student papers and 130+ million articles from academic books and publications.”

Currently, the Turnitin integration into Canvas does not allow instructors to submit old papers to the Turnitin OriginalityCheck database.

To learn more about using Turnitin in Canvas, please see:

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