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A Useful “Before you Publish” Checklist

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Spring quarter starts next week. We have created a list of the things that you should do before you publish your course in Canvas to ensure that you start the quarter off on the right foot.

“Before You Publish Your Course” Checklist

1) Does the course look right? Go into your Course Settings, then Student View and check through your course. Did you publish every item that you want students to see?

2) Are the points and weighting correct? Check assignment due dates and points. Double check the weighting that you’ve assigned to assignment groups.

3) Did you set up a grading scheme? You may be comfortable with the default, but you should review it.

4) Have you muted assignments? The default in Canvas releases a grade to a student as soon as the instructor has completed grading UNLESS you adjust this setting. All you need to do is remember to “unmute” the grades when you have completed grading for the entire class.

5) Have you hidden unnecessary navigation links? You may want to hide navigation links such as Files if you have already linked to the files in other areas in the course. If you are not using Collaborations, Conferences, or other items, you may choose to hide them. The resulting course will be simpler for students to navigate.

6) Do you want students to comment on your announcements? The default setting is to allow this. If you do not want students to comment on your announcements, you may change that setting for your course. Go to: Course Settings (in the left-hand navigation)>Edit Course Details>More Options> then, check the box “Disable comments on announcements.”

7) Make sure that all references to Blackboard are removed from the Canvas course.

8)Have you chosen a Home Page that you like?

9) Have you emailed the students in your course letting them know that you are teaching this course in Canvas? Have you re-directed students from Blackboard to your Canvas course?

10) Have you customized your notifications settings? Doing so will limit the number of emails that you receive. Also, unlike Blackboard, you will not have the power to override a student’s notification choices, so we suggest you make it clear if there are essential notifications that they need to keep turned on (for example, many instructors use announcements for crucial reminders.)

11) Are your TAs enrolled in your course yet? If not, you can add TAs to your course.

You are ready to publish your course!