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Using the Scheduler Tool in Canvas


When would I use the scheduler  tool in Canvas?

Here are ways that faculty are using the Scheduler tool:


1. Allow students to sign up for appointments with  you: You can set up blocks of time for meeting with students,  then split those blocks into 15- or 20-minute slots for  individual appointments. (Follow the directions carefully for this option.) Once you’ve set these up, students can sign up for a time slot.

2. Organize office hours: Instructors can post their office hours with the scheduler, then allow students to sign up for time within the block. This will allow students to reserve time with you in advance and ensure that they are aware of the time limits you’ve set.

3. Set up group or individual appointments: Need to work with groups? In the options area of the scheduler tool, you can choose to meet with groups; alternatively, you can meet with individual students.

4. Schedule student presentations: Will you have students presenting in class? Use the scheduler to have them sign up for their presentation time slot!

If you have questions about the tool, here’s how to use the Scheduler tool in Canvas!