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In Canvas, there’s probably an app for that


With the transition to Canvas nearing a conclusion, there are exciting opportunities for trying innovative tools within your course site. To meet this demand, NUIT has ramped up its efforts in fielding requests for integrating learning apps (LTIs) within Canvas.

There are several types of learning apps that integrate with learning management systems, including exam proctoring services, clickers, and student tracking tools. Many learning apps are already available for use in the “Apps” area of Canvas, including Twitter, Vimeo, and DropBox, though this area is primarily for free learning tools and content repositories. You can access the Apps page through the “Settings” tab in any course (select “Settings” at the bottom of the left hand navigation tab; you will then see an “Apps” tab in the bar near the top of the screen).


Requests for a new learning app integration with Canvas are handled through the Learning Apps Committee and NUIT, and will typically start with a limited pilot to allow faculty and students the chance to try out the tool and provide feedback on their experience. If the pilots are a success, a security assessment and contractual agreement between the service provider and the University will follow. This process may take some time depending on the request and the scope of the integration.

If you or your school or department are interested in requesting a learning app integration with Canvas, please fill out this short web form and a member of the Learning Apps Committee will reach out to you. If you are interested in exploring any of the available apps in Canvas and would like some guidance, please feel free to request a consultation with one of our specialists. We’d love to meet with you.