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Beginning of the Quarter Checklist

Canvas Consultation

Winter quarter is here!

Here’s a handy checklist to review to ensure that your Canvas course site is ready to go.

1) Do students have the right access to the materials? Go into Settings on the left side, then Student View, and check through your course. Did you publish every item that you want students to see?

2) If you are using the Canvas grading tool and want to weight the grades in Canvas, have you done this properly? Check the assignment due dates and points. Double-check the weighting that you’ve assigned to assignment groups.

3) Did you set up a grading scheme? You may be comfortable with the default, but you should probably review it to avoid any problems.

4) Have you muted assignments? When you grade an item in Canvas, the grade will immediately be visible to the student UNLESS you adjust the “muting” settings on your assignments. We suggest that instructors mute all assignments as they create them, unless this immediate notification is okay with you. Then, when you are ready for students to see their grades for an assignment, you simply “unmute” the grades.

5) Have you hidden unnecessary navigation links? You may want to hide navigation links such as Files if you have already linked to the files in other areas in the course. If you are not using Collaborations, Conferences, BlueJeans, or other items, you may choose to hide them. The resulting course will be simpler for students to navigate.

6) Do you want students to comment on your announcements? The default setting is to allow this. If you do not want students to comment on your announcements, you may change that setting for your course. 

7) Have you chosen a Home Page that you like? Do you want to add some images to your course site? Learn about this easy-to-use tool that may help.

9) Have you customized your notification settings? Doing so will limit the number of emails that you receive. If there are essential notifications that students need to receive, please tell students that they are required to keep notifications “on” for that category. For example, many instructors use Announcements for crucial reminders. In this case, instructors may want to clearly state in the syllabus that students must keep their notifications on for announcements, otherwise students may not get important information for the course.

11) Are your TAs enrolled in your course yet? If not, you can add TAs to your course manually, though it is best to add them through CAESAR. Here is a handy chart that explains the permissions for the various roles (TA, Designer, Support, etc.) here at Northwestern.

You are ready to publish your course!