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Add a Guest Speaker to Your Course Using Blue Jeans


One of the great things about our new videoconferencing service Blue Jeans is the ease with which any instructor can bring in a guest speaker to their class. By simply sharing a link, speakers can join a session from anywhere in the world using any device they choose.

Medill faculty members Karen Springen and Randy Hlavac have had great success using this tool in their courses. Professor Springen’s students use Blue Jeans for impromptu check-ins on ongoing projects with industry partners such as ESPN. Professor Hlavac regularly schedules speakers for his class from around the country. Recently, he had Seth Redmore, the CMO of Lexalytics, discuss the future of online marketing with IMC grad students from the comfort of his San Jose office.

To invite a guest speaker to present in your class, schedule a meeting either through Canvas or You can either add the speaker’s email address directly to the invitation when scheduling the meeting or share the link to the session with the speaker after scheduling the meeting. When it’s time to present, all your guest needs to do is click on the link and they’re in!

As an instructor, Blue Jeans is just as easy to use when connecting via a room-based system with your students together or when sending the link to your students online and having everyone join separately. Once the speaker is live, it’s possible to record them with the click of a button. And if you use the Canvas integration, the recording will automatically appear in the course site when it’s finished for anyone who wants to go back and view it again or who happened to miss it the first time around.

For more information on using Blue Jeans in your course, visit our page in the Canvas Learning Center.