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A Crash Course in Blue Jeans


If you’ve been wondering about the “Blue Jeans” tab that appeared in the left navigation of your course site, you’re not the only one. Blues Jeans is a new cloud-based videoconferencing and content-sharing service integrated into Canvas. How can Blue Jeans help you? Here are a few things you can do with it:

  • Bring in a guest speaker to share their experience with your class. Blue Jeans lets you invite both Northwestern- and non-Northwestern-affiliated guests to join in your video conference by simply sharing a link. See our post on how to invite a guest speaker.
  • Is your guest speaker unavailable during class time? Interview them yourself and make a recording of your video conference. Ask questions without interrupting the speaker using the live chat function. The resulting recordings are integrated directly into Canvas’ “Completed Blue Jeans Meetings” area within 24 hours. Note: Blue Jeans just added the capability to auto record a meeting. Look for the check box in the meeting scheduler.
  • Hold virtual office hours before a big exam from the comfort of your home office. Schedule Blue Jeans meetings at your convenience for your students to join. With up to 100 attendee endpoint connections for each meeting, your entire class can attend. TAs can hold office hours or help sessions virtually, too.
  • Going to a conference and missing class? Record your lecture before you leave. With Blue Jeans’ high-resolution content sharing and video sharing, play clips for the class directly in your recording.
  • Encourage student collaboration with Blue Jeans, too. Students can meet virtually to work on group projects by hosting their own videoconferences. The video-recording function is an efficient way for students to practice their individual parts, then stitch together a final video presentation.

Check out the links below to discover Blue Jeans’ many capabilities: