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Zaption Platform Retiring September 30, 2016

If you have been a user of Zaption’s video activity platform at Northwestern, you will have received a communication from the company regarding its sale to Workday and the closing down of its platform.

As of September 30, 2016, Zaption will no longer be available at Northwestern. Zaption does allow users to download their lessons as either PDF outlines or as stand-alone lessons to be played on another website. These lessons will download as a zip file.

To download your lessons, log in to and click on the “EXPORT” button at the top of the screen (you can also download any past student responses or data via this button). Lessons would need to be re-hosted on a Northwestern server supported by your school or department. Stand-alone lessons will not save any viewing data or responses moving forward.

For a walk-through on retrieving and hosting stand-alone lessons, check out this Help Center article provided by Zaption.

Zaption Alternatives

The School of Professional Studies was the only area of Northwestern University in an official partnership with Zaption, and we encourage these faculty users to contact their SPS administrators to learn more about their school’s migration plan.

Faculty interested in exploring alternative tools for video interactivity have a few options. Arc is a homegrown tool offered by Instructure (the makers of Canvas) and currently being piloted at Northwestern. Arc allows real-time, time-stamped commenting, user analytics, and viewing statistics. Learn more about Arc here.

One of the more promising alternatives is PlayPosit, which allows you to integrate your video lessons in Canvas with both single sign-on (SSO) and grading transfer functionalities. PlayPosit also offers a migration process for existing Zaption lessons. Zaption suggests a few more comparable services such as EDpuzzle, Vizia (a potentially free alternative), HapYak, and H5P.

If you are interested in exploring one of these options, we suggest learning a bit more about the functionality of the program and then reaching out to Northwestern Information Technology via the Learning App Request Form to inquire about a potential pilot.