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How the One Button Studio Fits into Your Video Project

Creating a video presentations can sometimes seem daunting; however, it becomes more manageable when broken down into stages. Typically, there are three stages to creating a video: planning, recording, and editing. The One Button Studio, located in Northwestern University Library 1 South, can help.

Stage 1: Planning

The planning phase will depend on the type of video you are creating. Maybe you just need a script or a slide deck, or perhaps your video is a little more detailed. In either instance, it’s often useful to have a storyboard. Storyboards show how you expect the video to progress with some simple pictures (often rough drawings). Storyboards can be a powerful tool to help you create a logical flow to your video and help you determine any materials or shots (close-ups, cut to slides, etc.) you may need for the recording.

To learn more about storyboards, see this article from the University of Houston’s digital storytelling site.


Stage 2: Recording

IMG_29691Recording can sometimes seem like the most difficult part of the process. Is the video high quality enough? Is the lighting right? Is the environment quiet enough? What about the audio; does it sound good? This is where the One Button Studio can help. In the One Button Studio, all recording, audio, and lighting needs are taken care of for you with the push of one button. All you need to do is:

  1. Reserve time in the One Button Studio.
  2. Bring a USB drive with you to which you’ll save your recording.
  3. When you arrive, follow the simple instructions to record your video.

Learn more about how easy it is to use the One Button Studio in this Northwestern Digital Learning article.


Stage 3: Editing

Once you have your recording, you may need to trim or edit your video. Video editing software is available on the computers in the Information Commons at University Library right nearby the One Button Studio. If you’re a Weinberg instructor or student, you may also use the Multimedia Learning Center in Kresge.

If you’ve never used video editing software before, you may want to take a look at the tutorials on some common video editing software below. You will need to log in to with your Northwestern credentials before clicking on the following links.

Beginner to Intermediate Video Editing Software:

Advanced Video Editing Software:


Cover image from Wikipedia Commons.