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What’s up with Learning Analytics?

If you’ve been curious about learning analytics, join us for two events with our guest, Dr. Sam Van Horne, on March 7th. His first talk will focus on his experience developing an app aimed at improving student performance in large enrollment courses. Later that afternoon, Van Horne will lead faculty in a discussion called “I’ve Found the Haystack, Now What?” about how to kickstart your use of analytics here at Northwestern.

Van Horne is the second  guest in our TEACHxperts speakers series. He is the assessment director of the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology at the University of Iowa and is the lead investigator on a grant from the Consortium of College and University Media Centers.

Studying the impact of technology in student performance is Van Horne’s specialty and  he has published his findings in the Journal of Learning Spaces, Computers and Composition, and in ELI’s online series Seeking Evidence of Impact. He has received the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award.

Explore some of  Van Horne’s most recent work:

  1. ELI talk 2015: Engaging Faculty in the Adoption of Leaning Analytics in a large Introductory Chemistry Course.
  2. Assessing Teaching and Learning in Technology-Infused TILE Classrooms at the University of Iowa

  3. Assessment with E-Textbook Analytics
  4. Or, follow Sam on  Twitter for additional insights.

Learn more about Van Horne and register for his sessions on March 7!

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