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Curious About How Instructors Use Canvas?

Creating your spring quarter Canvas course sites may have got you thinking about new ways to organize your course or new features that you might want to try.

A good way to learn about Canvas is to see how other instructors are using it. We have always had a few sample courses in the Canvas Learning Center, but we just added several new examples. Feel free to check out these courses if you’ve ever wondered how other instructors set up their course sites or are looking for inspiration.

View the new sample courses ›

Have you been curious about what a course looks like when organized by modules? You might want to look at Benay Stein’s Spanish course. How about a course organized by pages? See Alyssa Dyar’s SESP template for an example of this approach. Have you considered how departmental staff might utilize Canvas to improve the student experience? Visit Robin Young’s IMC site, which is what we call a “custom course site.” These non-academic course sites can be very helpful for organizing communication within a department. There are lots of ideas here to explore when perusing these sample sites.

And if you want to know how to implement something that you see in one of these examples, please set up a time to visit with the Faculty Support Services staff. Simply sign up for a consultation or visit us during mini-consultation hours. We are here to help you use Canvas in a new way.

We are very grateful to the faculty and staff who have allowed us to share their courses with you.

Photo credit: Celia Richards via Creative Commons, flickr