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Delving into Learning Analytics with Dr. Tim McKay

Learning analytics is attracting a great deal of attention lately. If you’ve been curious about this, join us on April 6 as the TEACHxperts speaker series sponsors guest speaker Tim McKay. He’ll discus how his team has used data to drive the reform of foundational courses at the University of Michigan. McKay’s afternoon session will explore how Michigan is approaching turning its campus into a learning laboratory and how Northwestern might go about doing so, too.

McKay is the Faculty Director of the Digital Innovation Greenhouse (DIG) in the Office of Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan and is currently working on a number of learning analytics projects, finding new ways to use data to assess teaching methods, support students, and improve learning.

Register for his sessions on April 6!

If you are interested in learning more about McKay’s work, you can read the following:

  1. Using Learning Analytics to Promote Student Success in Gateway Science

  2. What to do with actionable intelligence: E2Coach as an intervention engine

  3. Slides from a presentation on Michigan’s Learning Analytics Task Force
  4. Or, follow Tim on Twitter for additional insights.

And don’t forget to pre-register for the upcoming TEACHx conference.

Photo credit: graph by Dan Perl via Flickr