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What Should We Do with (Canvas) Data?

“What role do students play in analytics, beyond generating data?” and “What do we want data to do for education, and where should it stop?” are two of the big questions that Jared Stein’s TEACHx presentation will address.

Be sure to attend TEACHx 2017 on May 19 and learn how Northwestern’s early efforts at using data to improve teaching and learning fit within the larger context of the learning analytics field—and what it might mean for your teaching. Jared Stein, Vice President of Research & Education at Instructure, the company that makes Canvas, will kick off the day with a morning keynote called “What Should We Do with (Canvas) Data?”

Stein leads a team at Instructure that, in collaboration with Canvas schools such as Northwestern, seeks “research-based solutions that make a measurable, positive impact on students, teachers.” In this presentation, he will take stock of those efforts and the promise of big data in higher education.

Jared Stein is also co-author of the book Essentials for Blended Learning: A Standards-Based Guide.

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