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Support for Summer Quarter Start

Over the past few months, we all have seen loads of emails, a mountain of new websites, scads of Twitter threads, eons of Zoom calls, and piles of PDFs to support the move to remote instruction. Indeed, the energy and work of the learning community has been incredible, even as the amount of information to process can be overwhelming. At the start of summer quarter we wanted to remind you of a few key resources.

Assigned Reading

Growing your online instructional skills takes time. As you develop proficiency with Canvas and Zoom, keep advancing your knowledge of creating engaging online activities, building community with your students, and best practices for online instruction. The article How to Be a Better Online Teacher: Advice Guide from the Chronicle of Higher Education lays out specific advice for tackling a learning environment that may be new to you and your students.


Keep Teaching Website

This website consolidates resources from all over Northwestern. Providing information on tools, instructional design, accessibility, assessment and grading, inclusive teaching, and more, this website is a frequently updated hub for instructors.

Keep Teaching Website

24/7 Canvas and Zoom Support

Canvas and Zoom offer 24/7 live support for instructors and administrators.

Share Support Info with Your Students

Students can directly access support for Canvas and Zoom 24/7.

Resources for students are compiled on the Keep Learning website, including Tips for Learning During COVID-19. Highlights include:

Ongoing Support

Northwestern general technology support is available for all your technology needs. During the summer, you may contact the Northwestern IT Support Center by phone Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., or via email at any time, but email responses will be limited to business hours.

Sign up for a consultation with the Teaching & Learning Technologies team to have an individualized conversation about your instructional or technology needs.