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Jarod Spohrer

Meet the Prof.: Stanley Lo

“I think it would be a good opportunity [for teachers] to rethink what we can do and how we should do it.” Stanley Lo...
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Meet the Prof.: Gregory Light

“What do you want your students to learn, how are you going to get them there?” We are back with Meet the Prof.! We...
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Canvas Production Release Notes for 07/12/14

Want to find out more? Review this week’s production release notes. Additional Notes Grades (Student View) – Learning Mastery: Students will have another tool...
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Meet The Prof.: Michael J Kramer

Welcome back to our Meet the Prof. feature! As you may know, the Provost, Dan Linzer, recently announced Canvas as the official LMS of...
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Meet The Prof.: Susanna C Calkins (Part 2)

Back by popular demand! This is part two of our interview with Susanna Calkins. —continued from our blog post of 4/14/14— Was it easy...
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Meet The Prof.: Susanna C. Calkins (Part 1)

We return with an in depth Interview today with Susana Calkins! She has been at Northwestern for over 11 years and holds a Ph.D....
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Meet The Prof.: Timothy Dohrer

Today begins a new series called Meet The Prof.  We will be hearing from professors and professionals. We will endeavor to get a deeper...
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