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Category: Beyond Basics

Not the same old Discussion Board

Discussion boards in Canvas can wear many hats. In addition to their standard use, there are a number of faculty at Northwestern and at...
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Getting Answers from Your Students

Have you ever asked a question of your class and just heard crickets? Sure, we all have. Some instructors have implemented “clickers” (also known...
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TurnItIn: The new anti-plagiarism checker for Canvas

Turnitin is the new anti-plagiarism checker we will be using inside of Canvas. To create a Turnitin assignment in Canas, please follow this step-by-step...
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Polls for Canvas: Poll your students…. Well, the ones with a smart device

During InstructureCon, the annual conference put on by the parent company of Canvas, Polls for Canvas was announced. Polls is a new Canvas app...
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Not Just Playing Around

At InstructureCon this year, I tried to attend as many sessions on Gamification as I could.  I got interested in this topic last year...
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