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Message Students from People in Canvas

Starting Summer 2017, it will be easier to message a specific student in Canvas thanks to the new Student Context Cards feature. According to...
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Canvas Inbox Attachment Issues Continue

This post concerns a known issue when sending attachments within the Canvas Inbox (the email system within Canvas). When an email is sent from...
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Staying in Touch: Canvas Announcements and Inbox/Conversations

As technology continues to expand the walls of the classroom, staying connected is crucial for faculty and students.  Canvas offers two options for achieving...
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CC yourself on Canvas emails

I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the changes in Canvas that happened today. Instructure has implemented a change to the email so that...
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Canvas Production Release Notes for 06/14/14

Want to find out more? Review this week’s production release notes. Additional Notes For Northwestern, the Course Time Zone settings will need to be...
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